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Künstlerin beim Skizzieren am Schreibtisch

How I got into drawing and painting

I remember when I was a kindergarden child I tried to draw a painting of a horse. It was a beautiful white horse that jumped looked like it was flying. I was crazy about horses but never had chances to get close to real horses so I at least wanted to draw that horse. I took a piece of paper and a pen and went to the corridor, layed down on the floor and drew what I saw.

When I finished I compared my drawing with the original painting and it did not look nearly as nice as the original but it filled me with a very nice feeling. 

The next day I drew that very painting again, lying on the floor. And for the next years I drew that painting over and over again. It never became too boring or too silly to me. I strived to be able to draw that horse as it looked like in the original painting...and one day I could do it. At that point I was not in kindergarden anymore and I had no need to look at the original. I could draw the horse exactly and beautifully from my memory.


My classmates were happy about it and got the drawings as presents from me. And I was happy about the recognition and praise but mostly because I really could draw the beautiful, white, jumping horse :-D

I became addicted to drawing. It was so much fun to me I could hardly stop it. My exercise books and schoolbooks were marked by my sketches and my right hand started drawing as soon as it hold a pen in it. At home my walls were covered by my drawings. Drawings of animals, portraits and fashion. Everything I was interested in. 

People started asking me to draw them. So I started drawing portraits for Money. For a short time I drew billbords for a wellness salon, each for 5 Euro. It was not much Money, but the Feeling I had when seeing them in the store window was priceless to me. 

One day I even was asked to do the illustration for a christmas broshure. And they wrote my name in it. That blew my mind.

Then there was a period of about 7 years that I did not draw or paint at all. It was the time when I married and moved away from my Family, received two daughters and raised them. I almost forgot what drawing meant to me and praise to God I returned to drawing and now since spring 2018 I started painting. And I love it so much.

Here you can find many drawings and paintings. New and old ones. Some are for sale some are not. Have fun Looking through the artpieces and if you have any quastions, write me an email or find me on Facebook or Instagram. P.S. If you wonder why the names on the drawings and paintings switch, I was born Marina Kalinin, and since forever People called me Mary. Now I am married, and my last Name ist Fech.

Gemälde auf Leinwand
My latest painting of a woman #artbymary #Art #artpiece #Queen #acrylmalerei #acrylgemälde
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